''Start with what you have and see it transform before your eyes''

Hello, I am Keva Epale. I am the founder of the Keva Epale Studio: a powerhouse for Branding and Storytelling.

Branding demystified
Through this letter, I share insights, spotlights, prompts and lessons on Branding as I build and grow as a founder. The purpose of this letter is to uncover ‘‘Branding truths’’ as you evolve. I also bring into the conversation other Brand Revealers* as I call them to share wisdom on the ‘‘Big word’’ and expand our perceptions of what it means to do Branding.

A mindful Branding letter, where you uncover truths around the building process of Branding.

*Brand Reveal: this is a concept I came up with, for me it is the art of creating a magnetic brand outside in and inside out. As a Brand Revealer, I help brands do the inner work and express it. I empower them to ‘‘do their thing’’.

• Brand strategy • Brand awareness • Branding roadmap • Brand heroes and heroines • Branding processes
• Brand building • Brand identity • Brand personality • Brand mission • Brand platform

One of my definitions of Branding is:

Branding is your storytelling in motion*

It has served, taught and empowered me. After many years of focusing on design solely, today I think more strategically and value the thinking part before the visual part. I navigate with an eye on design + an eye on strategy.

*Brand(ing) - This letter has a specific way of writing branding. It is a formulation I came up with to underline the revolving action in Branding. It echoes well with my understanding of Branding as a vehicle of SELF stories.

Welcome to the journey!

What is your definition of Branding?

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An investigation of what Branding is and how it is perceived. My insights on intuitive Brand making with tips and vision from Brand heroes & heroines: doing and making Branding. Capturing definitions and ways of Branding to demystify the ''Big word''.


A creative navigating the ''Multiple in One''. I explore creativity's abundance by sharing, empowering ideas and artists, and demystifying the "big word" branding. One of my mottos is "Aligning, head, heart and hand''.